Flexo Printing Cylinder

Flexo Printing Cylinder

Flexographic printer cylinder options are suitable for narrow, medium, and wide-web flexographic printing machines, including inline, stack-type, and satellite-type machines, both domestically and internationally.

Material: Aluminium or steel
Diameter: 80mm – 700mm
Length: 330mm – 3000mm
Tolerance for runout: Within 0.2mm
Dynamic balance: 5g

  • Our specialised aluminium alloy foundry ensures the production of first-class aluminium rollers.

  • Precision customisation to meet customers’ specific tolerance requirements.

  • Strict concentricity control, with concentricity ranging from 0-15 microns, ensuring the accuracy of printing results.

  • Stringent quality control, with each roller undergoing meticulous inspection and rigorous dynamic balancing tests, ensuring excellent quality and perfect performance.

  • Contact us for more printer cylinder availability and to learn more.